Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day Eleven - favourite animated character

I didn't expect this one to be so tricky. Not really picking my favourite, that would be Homer or Bart, but picking who to draw. I don't like drawing animated characters because it seems like a losing game to me: If I suceed, I merely copied something correctly, if I don't, it's just a poorly executed copy. It feels better if the characters are a bit less fixed in my head, so I picked Rigby (aka Trashboat) from The Regular Show, possibly the funniest show I've watched since the Simpsons 10th season. Next candidates would've been Wirt and Greg from Over the Garden Wall, an incredibly well-written and surprising show. Only six or seven episodes, no fillers all killers.

Anyway: Rigby in a hmm-hmm-hmm-situation with Mordechai:

Dude I really need to do some scanning tomorrow or Benson will be SO mad (damn Benson would've been a better choice).

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