Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day 12 - favourite TV show

Ode to Spot - by Data (from Star Trek TNG)

Day 12 - favourite TV show by Almatheya

American Horror Story, all seasons: coven, asylum, freak show,Murder House

Day Eleven - favourite animated character

I didn't expect this one to be so tricky. Not really picking my favourite, that would be Homer or Bart, but picking who to draw. I don't like drawing animated characters because it seems like a losing game to me: If I suceed, I merely copied something correctly, if I don't, it's just a poorly executed copy. It feels better if the characters are a bit less fixed in my head, so I picked Rigby (aka Trashboat) from The Regular Show, possibly the funniest show I've watched since the Simpsons 10th season. Next candidates would've been Wirt and Greg from Over the Garden Wall, an incredibly well-written and surprising show. Only six or seven episodes, no fillers all killers.

Anyway: Rigby in a hmm-hmm-hmm-situation with Mordechai:

Dude I really need to do some scanning tomorrow or Benson will be SO mad (damn Benson would've been a better choice).

Day Twelve

Day 12: Favourite TV show

Not necessarily animated.

Friday, 27 February 2015

day 11 - favourite animated character

Appa and Momo, from Avatar - The Last Airbender (the animated series) - I just wanted to draw them, but really I love all the main characters in ATLA. Wonderful show, it has become my standard for a well-written story and development of characters (amazing animation, but oh my God, the story, the pacing, the emotiooooon). And it has the best villain in the history of eveeeer!
All in my humble opinion.

Day 11, my favourite animated character by Almatheya

Day 11, my favourite animated character

La Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli
(original drawing)

Day Ten - favourite word

"fumer comme un pompier", French for "to smoke like a chimney". After first hearing that expression I was laughing about it for several weeks straight.

Day 09 - favourite literary character

For now, I found a way without scanner. Will fix it soon, but suffices as proof.

Holden Caulfield, thinking that this is a phony challenge!
(Also depicted, an invisible Bilbo Baggins and Arthur Dent, hidden as someone else's problem)

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Day 10, my favourite word

One day this special word appeared while i tried to type the word "screenshot" ... Since then "screenshit" is my favourite word. I even had it stitched on a cap ...

Day 10/42 " My favorite word"

Abracadabrant - from fr. abracadabrant, something totally unusual, bizarre,strange. 

Day 8/42 " My best friends"

Day 03 - My Favourite Food

Day ten - favourite word: BALAUR

BALAUR - it's a creature from  Romanian mythology, similar to a dragon. Only dragons can be good and wise. Balauri... not so much. I love the sound of the word.
Also, Saint George and his Balaur (there he is) are two of my favourite characters. I love to draw their adventures together (I might have changes their story a liiitle bit).

Day Eleven

Day 11: favourite animated character

Day 10 : my favourite word

Day 9/42 Your favourite book character "

Yoshinaga Toranaga , a main characters from James Clavell's  SHOGUN. 

Day Ten-Your favourite word by Almatheya

 bird-doggedbird-dog·gingbird-dogs also bird·dogged or bird·dog·ging or bird·dogs Informal
To follow a subject of interest, such as a person or trend, with persistent attention.
1. To observe or follow closely; monitor: Police bird-dogged the suspect's movements.
2. To seek out (talent or clients, for example): bird-dogs recruits for the team.

Day nine - Favourite book character by Almatheya

Madame URg and Inga from Serge Brussolo, "La princesse noire"
they represent me, two powerfull women in one

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Day Ten

Day 10: Your favourite word

Saying, catchphrase, figure of speech, grammatical structure, ...

Day 02 - My Favourite Animal

Day 09, Inspector Harry Hole

Day nine - Favourite book character

You know these guys, right? riiight? 

Day 09: My favourite book character

Day 8 - best friend

Day Nine

Day 09: Your favourite book character (can't be from a film)

If the book has been adapted it's ok tho.

Day 8 - best friend

Being a shy and socially awkward person, I stopped even trying to make friends years ago. My last attempt was when I went to a café with this girl from my class on dream landscapes in postmodern French literature, but when we sat down she asked if I wanted milk with my Earl Grey so I threw the cup at her head and started screaming at her. Who would put milk into Earl Grey tea? I used to think that I was so fond of animals because they don't say such things, and because they don't disagree with you all the time, but then again I formed that opinion prior to living with cats.
This little incidence led to me shifting to Old literature. Luckily the class was without mandatory attendance anyway.
Having no friends whatsoever, I kept thinking of yesterday's challenge and decided to draw a sea creature other than an octopus and, in respect of today's challenge, to declare it my friend. That's the best I am going to come up with now.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Day 07, sea creature

Day 07 - Sea creature

Day 07 - Sea Creature

Day 7/42 " Sea Creature"

or something whose life element is the water

Day 07 - Sea creature

Days I could be part of the drawing challenge

 Due to some personal problems, I couldn't be part of the drawing process, but the images from those day I uploaded them now...

Day 06 - something old

Life and death ...

 I love cookies...

the cosmos...

Day 05 Favourite song

 electric tears by buckethead:

Day Seven-Mermaid love by Almatheya

Day Seven

Day Seven: a sea creature

Something whose life element is the water.

Day 6 - Something Old

Cave paintings.
This is actually my second drawing. First was David Hasselhoff, naked and drunk, failing to devour a burger, but then I felt too bad to finish it. I'm a horrible person.
I even came to respect the chap some time ago when he showed up to protest against the destruction of the Eastside Gallery. In the US nobody gives a damn about that and the other protesters already liked him anyway or wouldn't. There was nothing in it for him,but he just did it anyway. That was decent.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 06, something old ...

Day 6 something old

Day six - something old

The old man and the sea! bobbitty bob.

Day 06 - Something old

Day 6/42 " Something Old "

Day 03, Favourite food

Screech was the resident domovoi, who had simply turned up one day at Penny’s flat, and acted as though he had always been there. As was usual with these things, her flatmates just took it all in their stride, which was good, because Screech had all sorts of peculiar habits.

He did tend to raid the cupboards in the middle of the night, and he seemed to subsist purely on what Penny called the exam-time menu: whatever was left in the cupboard. Screech thrived on such combinations as pasta and jam, peanut-butter and the ancient pickle that no one could remember buying, and prehistoric packs of ramen with faded labels.

The first time Penny had followed the sound of clinking cutler to find the little hobgoblin making a sandwich consisting of mayonnaise, a single radish and a bit of old wallpaper they definitely didn’t keep in the fridge. Since that day, she had pretty much decided that in certain cases she was better off not knowing the finer points of the hobgoblin menu.

Day 04, My favourite place

Screech was a domovoi, which as far as Penny could tell was supposed be some kind of useful household hobgoblin. He never actually did anything particularly useful that Penny could see, but at least he didn’t chew on her pencils the way he had done when he’d first turned up. He had however taken up residence at the back of the linen closet, making an odd sort of nest out of the forgotten towels right at the back. He decorated in with old sweet wrappers and acorns, and dusty slippers that didn’t seem to belong to anybody in the flat.

Penny tried to ask him why the linen closet of all places, wondering if this was a polite sort of question to ask a domovoi. She didn't particularly want to land a hundred years of back luck on her head.

The creature just stared at her out of beady brown eyes, twitching his pointy ears. “Because it’s the best place, Miss.” He indicated the acorns, as though he thought it all pretty self-explanatory.

“Well, if it is,” Penny said, with a shrug, deciding to leave it at that, because she hadn’t the faintest hope of understanding hobgoblins, no matter their subspecies.


Day 05 Favourite song

The Killing Type

Kellan was quite easily the very worst assassin in the world. He would assume that the school kept him out of pity, or some kind of nefarious plot involving a destiny hitherto unknown, but his dad was the headmaster, which probably had a lot more to do with it. In his heart, Kellan was an architect. He kept notebooks and notebooks full of sketches of buildings he’d seen and buildings he’s quite like to build some day. There wasn’t much to do while lurking on walls waiting for targets to practice his crossbow technique, so he sketched instead.

He was supposed to be training in demon-hunting, but of course that wasn’t quite working out either. He found the demons to be far too sly and tricky, almost as shameless when it came to cheating at games as some of his classmates at the assassin school. They made for much better friends then they did targets. He would go in, make a lot of noise, pose dramatically over the sprawling demon, then insist on doing his own cleaning up while his examiners left. Then, he’s match wits with the demon in question using a pack of strategy cards, or some ancient game from the underworld. It was an entertaining way to pass an evening.  He just hoped his father wouldn’t find out, because he rather suspected he’d be in a heap of trouble.     


Day Six

Day Six: Something Old.

Or somebody. Never mind. I just thought we could use a break from favourite things.

By the way, shall we continue with me posting the new subjects every day, one by one, or would you prefer me to give the whole list away straight ahead? Opinions as comments, please.

Day 5/42 " My Favourit Song "

  is Royksopp - Triumphant, video is not official, is borrowed from BBC's  "Planet Earth" series. I like it the most.

day 5 - my favourite song - disclosure - you and me

Saturday, 21 February 2015

05/42 - my favourite song

One of them, anyway. Run boy run - by Woodkid. Also, amazing video.

Day 05 Favourite Song

"I's the Spirit o' Jazz."

Not my favourite song but the personification of a music style. I guess it qualifies anyway.
(Well turns out apparently there is also a song called "The Spirit of Jazz" but I just found out about that on youtube and haven't listened to it)

If I had to name my favourite Jazz tune, I guess it would be this:
The Spirit of Jazz, by the way, is a Mighty Boosh character:

Day 05, my favourite song. One night in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok

Day Five

Day Five: Your Favourite Song

The artist, the general feeling, a line, ...

Day 4/42 " My Favourit place, to be..."

...on the top of highest mountain where only silence can reach.