Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 40 - something I'd like

To be able to start working on and publish a new graphic album with this character. Her name is Reko, and she hunts Bad Feelings.

Day 32/42, " Something I don't understand "

I don't get this human flow...

Day 31/42, " A Hero "

for me, he is the biggest HERO of 21th century!

Day 42 - a congratulations banner for finishing the 42 Days Challenge. *edit*

It was amost impossible to take a photo of that one.

Also, it's a drawing I'm unsatisfied with so I finally redrew it a week later. For documentary reasons, I left the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Investigative journalist: "J'ACCUSE! Stop the ceremony! This man is an imposter unworthy of the Cookies! He failed to meet the Challenge on Day 14 and 31!"
Me: "Dammit."

So. The truth has caught up with me at last. But nevertheless, I want to state again how much I enjoyed the Challenge. The things you posted were brilliant and clever and I realized I was quite exited each day to check the blog and see what you've been up to. Especially the last weeks I've felt quite annoyed for always having to post blurry snapshots - that's just out of necessity for improvisation, no disrespect or anything.
I think I will stick around and re-post proper scans of my cleaned last two weeks, until those of you who want to go on have finished, too. And I would certainly like to discuss a second round. But let's do that in a post of it's own.

Day 40 - anything I'd like *edit*

I've liked drawing dinosaurs since I was a kid and would still give my left arm and my meeting a non-violent death for being a velociraptor trainer (the standart prerequisites for getting that job, as I have learned), but my palaeontology is very shaky and not up to date by now. I never really got over the feather thing, still resent it for entirely aesthetical reasons and will need a lot of time to come to terms with it.

In a way, for documentary reasons, I left the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Day 39 - Someone I love *edit*

My dad. He happened to send me a characteristic and weird email that day.

For documentary reasons, I kept the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Day 38 - Something I hate *edit*

With an intensity I don't comprehend, I hate Poetry Slam.

For documentary reasons, I kept the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Day 37 - a scenery

Some under-the-sea-cliff-thing.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Day 30/42, " Something Orange"

Day 29/42, " Something I've been avoiding to do "

I haven't been there so long that my teachers start calling me, to ask if I am ok.

Day 42 -celebration

Yes, so here are COOKIES FOR EVERY ONE!!!! that is, everyone that has participated in this wonderful challenge (and no one else, just you). I really enjoyed your drawings and doodles and scribbles! Hope to see you soon in another fun project like this.


And I still have three days to draw. Yup, I'll break the rules and hang around a bit.

Day 41 - A place I want to go to

Sorry for that lame one. It's just that I really am fairly tired.

Day Fourty-Two

A congratulations banner for you - you finished the Fourty-Two Days Challenge!
You really succeeded in sticking to it, till the very end. Big up.

At least for me, this really proved to be a challenge. Also, it was an honour meeting it with such astounishing people as you. Thanks.

What a ride.
Illiana insisted on that there should be cookies for those who beat the challenge. So, I guess, you better ask her about it.

Day Fourty One: A place I want to go to


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Day 38 - something I hate

I don't like cockroaches at all, and I hate filling forms and important papers, and applications. I always get things wrong. So, this is, like... the worst thing ever?

Day 41

Day Fourty-One

A place you want to go to.
Soooooo close now...

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Day 40: something I'd like

I'd like to visit a buddhist temple... and to stay there...
at least for a couple of days, weeks :D

Day 37 - scenery

This is what I see from my window. True, the alien saucer is not always there, and The Big Popcorn Popper in the sky is somewhat more to the right.

(yep. Big Popcorn Popper, Little Ladle, Bialetti Moka Express, and the rest are just shiny popcorn)

Day 40

Day Fourty

Anything You'd like.
Since there are but two more days to go...

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day 38 - something i hate

especially on mondays ...

Day 27/42, " Something New "

    Sometimes, when I got new ideas I feel like i got new brain. :)

Day 26/42, " Something Fascinating "

I'm fascinated by how nature manages to keep finding  ways of giving life a chance to be.

Day 25/42, " A Doodle "

Day 35 - something I need

Drawing the cat made me so sleepy, I had to go to bed and finish it this morning.

Day Thirty-Eight

Something you don't like.
Or hate. Irrationally.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 24/42, " A plant "

I think i'll go with poppies.. so here is my  POPPIE PRINCESS..

Day 33 - something I want

No, this is not about food. 
It's a metaphor for happiness.
No relation to warm glowing star cookies.
Go away.

35 : something i need

I need a hot tea.

Day 23/42, " Inspiration "

 My Inspiration usually come from other guy's  hard work I see on internet,  I don't know if its good or bad, its just how it is.

Day 34 - something I'm missing

I'm missing a little section of the brain region that controls our ability to experience time chronologically (white little blob on the picture), which is the reason why I'm always late and don't even care, and, curiously, also for my inability to see the colour green.
Well, technically the brain cells are still there, only they're a withered shrunken mess and no good.
There are two explanations: It's either a genetic dysfunction passed on by both parents or was caused by my mum doing shots of liquid plumber during pregnancy. I don't judge her. It was the 80ies.

Day Thirty-Five

Day 35 - something you need.

If there is a next round of the 42 Days Challenge, it will be sponsored through personalized advertise placement.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day 22/42, " A family portrait "

meah.. an usual family...

day 32 - something I don't understand

Translating ideas/phenomenons/things that happen - into numbers and formulas. Cause riding a sun beam, yeah, I totally get that.

Day 34: Something I miss

Day 31 - a hero

Here we have young scientist Emil Racoviță explaining the Aurora austral to the Antarctic penguins. Later he became a renowned  biologist, zoologist and speleologist, but one of his greatest achievements was going in 1897 on a research expedition to Antarctica, aboard the ship Belgica (it was  the first expedition to winter in the Antarctic region). Now, on the ship Emil did plenty of awesome science things, but this is what I like most: the ship got stuck in ice for more than a year, and at some point people got pretty depressed. So in order to keep the spirits up, every evening Emil would do a cartoon of the day's events. Here's one of them (yes, in the corner it's written "universe specialist (?) explaining Aurore austral to the inhabitants of the South Pole").

Day 33 - Something you want *edit*

You don't want anything if you're wearing a poncho.


I did want to put some Indian Ink on it. And scan it. Also I want to do it again, VInce looks like Dream.

Also, I rewatched that episode of Mighty Boosh and turns out I mis-remembered that line. It really is "You're always happy when you're wearing a poncho."

Day Thirty-Four

Day 34: Something you miss.

(ileana here - sorry for the delay folks, I've just noticed that this didn't got posted when it should have...You could even say...I MISSED IT!!!! get it? miss? MUAHAHAHAHA )

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Day 21/42," Words to live by"

Someone said: What do you think of the saying: 'Repay hatred with kindness’?
Confucius replied: Then how will you repay kindness?
kindness with kindness and repay hatred with justice.  

Day Thirty-Three

Day 33: Something you want.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Day 30 - something orange

So... mesmerising.... can't... stop.... watching... @_@

Day 32 - Something I don't understand *edit*

I don't get my head around the economy. Or finances. So little it's not even enough for more than this unoriginal caricature.

Sometimes I have a few friends who are working in business explain a few things to me and it's a fascinating topic but franky, I don't even understand how our monetary system works.

I brushed it up a bit and scanned it, too.