Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 03, Favourite food

Screech was the resident domovoi, who had simply turned up one day at Penny’s flat, and acted as though he had always been there. As was usual with these things, her flatmates just took it all in their stride, which was good, because Screech had all sorts of peculiar habits.

He did tend to raid the cupboards in the middle of the night, and he seemed to subsist purely on what Penny called the exam-time menu: whatever was left in the cupboard. Screech thrived on such combinations as pasta and jam, peanut-butter and the ancient pickle that no one could remember buying, and prehistoric packs of ramen with faded labels.

The first time Penny had followed the sound of clinking cutler to find the little hobgoblin making a sandwich consisting of mayonnaise, a single radish and a bit of old wallpaper they definitely didn’t keep in the fridge. Since that day, she had pretty much decided that in certain cases she was better off not knowing the finer points of the hobgoblin menu.

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