Friday, 28 August 2015

Ileana's sentence

My sentenc was:

I really hate it when tiny Shakespeare and tiny Samuel Becket get drunk and party hard under my bed - I hope tonight Godot will come and squish them with the frying pan.

Anna's drawing was:

Esther sent to Octavian the following words:

"Don't you just hate it, when Shakespeare, Andy Warhol, and all of their
artist friends dance under your bed, keeping you up all night."

Octavian, however, drew this:

Which Untag described as "A girl is  hiding under her blanket while under her bed, something is writing poetry and something is painting paintings on the floor."

And that was all.

Anna's sentence

My initial sentence was: A blue whale in the forest

Which Esther turned into :

Octavian saw that as " Well, Mr. Whale with his swell hat, went to his business clients, which they were in the forest."

Untaggable imagined this to look a little something like this:

Ileana described this with: "3 English mafia whales are waiting for you at the entrance of the forest. They read in the newspaper about you comming."

Octavian's sentence

Octavian's initial sentence was

”... then, after the dark sun came out, all that I could see is kindness in people's hearts, but for some reason they shifted on a monstrously behaviour ... ”

Untaggable's drawing of this looked like this:

Ileana's sentence for this drawing was:

"You are on a beach, under a black sun. A jerk in boxers is standing right in front of you, shouting and making obscene gestures - but that's alright because.... You have magic glasses! which let you see the lovable side of everyone . Also, they work as a compass."

Anna's drawing for this sentence was:

Untaggable's sentence

My initial sentence was "My heart's become a cricket hotel full of rumours."

Ileana's drawing for this sentence was:

Anna's description was: a hotel for crickets

Esther put that sentence into a black box and left it to starve.

Round Two: Wrapping up the Folding Game

I reckon we're done with the Folding Game. Everybody should have scribbled and written twice. we were only five people, after all.

To finish, I think this is the best way: We all post our initial sentences and then add our contributions to each other's sentences by editing the posts. I granted admin rights to all of you so you can do that. Don't forget adding your tag once you're done.