Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 05 Favourite song

The Killing Type

Kellan was quite easily the very worst assassin in the world. He would assume that the school kept him out of pity, or some kind of nefarious plot involving a destiny hitherto unknown, but his dad was the headmaster, which probably had a lot more to do with it. In his heart, Kellan was an architect. He kept notebooks and notebooks full of sketches of buildings he’d seen and buildings he’s quite like to build some day. There wasn’t much to do while lurking on walls waiting for targets to practice his crossbow technique, so he sketched instead.

He was supposed to be training in demon-hunting, but of course that wasn’t quite working out either. He found the demons to be far too sly and tricky, almost as shameless when it came to cheating at games as some of his classmates at the assassin school. They made for much better friends then they did targets. He would go in, make a lot of noise, pose dramatically over the sprawling demon, then insist on doing his own cleaning up while his examiners left. Then, he’s match wits with the demon in question using a pack of strategy cards, or some ancient game from the underworld. It was an entertaining way to pass an evening.  He just hoped his father wouldn’t find out, because he rather suspected he’d be in a heap of trouble.     


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