Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Day 8 - best friend

Being a shy and socially awkward person, I stopped even trying to make friends years ago. My last attempt was when I went to a café with this girl from my class on dream landscapes in postmodern French literature, but when we sat down she asked if I wanted milk with my Earl Grey so I threw the cup at her head and started screaming at her. Who would put milk into Earl Grey tea? I used to think that I was so fond of animals because they don't say such things, and because they don't disagree with you all the time, but then again I formed that opinion prior to living with cats.
This little incidence led to me shifting to Old literature. Luckily the class was without mandatory attendance anyway.
Having no friends whatsoever, I kept thinking of yesterday's challenge and decided to draw a sea creature other than an octopus and, in respect of today's challenge, to declare it my friend. That's the best I am going to come up with now.


  1. I would put marshmallows into my Earl Grey tea. Roasted, of course. Also, ts ts ts. FIRST, you make friends with people and THEN you throw tea cups at them. But honestly, who would waste good, round teacups like that?

    1. First of all, it was more of a mug than a cup and I think it had "#1 Boss" or something printed on it.
      Secondly I asked a computer friend of mine to figure out how to toss mugs through the internet Ileana...

    2. DAMN computer aquaintance of course. Brief and mostly professional AQUAINTANCE!