Thursday, 12 February 2015

The 42 Days Challenge

What is this even supposed to be?
Some time ago I came across a 30 Days Drawing Challenge. Basically it's a list of 30 random little topics, such as "your favorite animal" or "something with stripes", and whoever takes the challenge is to draw each day the day's topic. Just a doodle or sketch. If you miss one, you can't do two topics on one day. The point is to get yourself to draw a little bit each day.
I thought it would be fun to take that challenge so I set up this blog and asked a couple of mates if they would like to join in. I reckoned it's more fun with more people.
I changed the original challenge in three regards:
- It isn't a mere drawing challenge any more. Any creative contributions are just as fine, be they texts, photos, short stories, poems, songs, music, little dance clips, tags, graffiti, random lines, calligraphies, political manifesti, acts of vandalism, performances, stunts or philosophical ramblings.
- I extended the original list so that it's not 30 but 42 topics. It's just a far better number.
- I added an extra rule (see below).

How do I join?
Get in touch with me and I will add you as an author. Then, you'll be able to post on this blog what you did each day. I don't know if you need a google account. Hopefully not.

You already started. Can I still join?
Why not. Send me an email.

Can I invite someone else?
Yes. Excellent. I'm not sure yet if you have to be author or admin or something tho. Just write me.

The Brutal Rules
1.  Each day I will post the daily topic. After that, you have 24 hours to do something. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece.
2. Upload your mandatory masterpiece within said 24 hours on this blog and put at least two labels on it: Your name and the corresponding day. Remember using the same label as everyone else so that a click on "Day 04" will actually show what everybody did on day 04 (just look at the list of labels on the right side of the blog and follow the first example of that day). Also remember to always use the same name so that there will be one label displaying your entire challenge's course. I hope I explained sufficiently how to use labels now.
3. If you miss a day, be ashamed, but a miss is a miss. There's no task-hoarding. Continue with the next day's topic. However, if you did the task but missed uploading your work, that's another matter. Just upload it when you get a chance.
4. This is the additional new rule: Every participant is free to exchange any given topic for whatever he or she would rather be doing, since the point is not to absolve a specific set of tasks but to just get creative for a few minutes each day. So if you feel like drawing a bat rather than "Day 17 - a burglar", a bat it is. Burglar makes a pretty decent subject in my opinion, tho.

Let's do this,
the Untaggable


  1. Hey, I'd like to join up. Help?

    1. Hi Stefan, sorry for the late reply. It would be great if you joined us. Write me an email with your email adress in it and I will add you as an author. Then, you can post on the blog.