Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day 28 Repost- a fight

This week I will finally upload actual scans of my past challenge scribbles, the ones I couldn't take scans of earlier what with being on the road. Might even brush up some of them a bit. I'm not sure how to organize this best without messing up chronology tho...  should I delete the blurry photos? I think I'll just edit the posts by adding scans, and if I re-work something a bit further I will re-post it.

Day 28: A fight. PLus, extensive classic comic/cartoon referencing.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Friday, 3 April 2015

Day 35/42, " Something I Need "

 I need to balance those two in myself !!!

Day 34/42, " Something I miss "

I miss those days when I could come home from school, lay down on couch and read a book. Now because of those deadlines reading became impossible. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 43 - what now?

Hello everybody,
GOOD NEWS! I sold the rights to all of the art we uploaded to blogger! Which is owned by google.

April Fool! Just a joke.

But seriously: I guess the task for Day 43 is: What now?

Some of you already mentioned a next round. I'd be up for that. I'd suggest we take a break for 3 weeks, so everybody can catch up, I myself want to scan and polish up the drawings I could only take photos of while I was on the road.... and during that time we can discuss if we want to do a next round, and come up with some ideas. My first ones, just on top of my head:

1. second round with same topics: I guess other people would like to join, and, as the school of hermeneutics teaches us, the second time will be a different experience. Most topics are open enough to go at them from a different angle.

2.same topics but different media – I'd like to write, for example.

3. same tpoics but in reversed order, starting with the congratulations banner and working backwards. I'm suggesting this mostly because I still feel like I want to do the challenge again and this time manage to really beat it.

4. new topics. I have more than enough. Or does someone else want to take over?

5. make it a 42 weeks challenge ( not sure what that means tho. every topic gets one week, so people can do 7 pics on the same task, or just one with more time?)

6. some collaborative or continuous thing (like a story where people take turns to write chapters). This might be fun but it's less flexible.

We can change any parameter. It doesn't have to be 42 days. Or daily.