Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Day 14/42," A game "

a famous game, do you recognize it? if not I give you a hint.. "destroying friendships since 1995"


  1. One of my mates bought 4 or 5 boxes and put them all together so you could play with a massive island. We'd stop after a fixed period of time then count the score. There are rumours about a legendary 24 hours 1:1 match. Probably just stories tho...

    1. With my friends i have 3 boxes + one extension for 6 people, but we never tried to play an assembled game... We almost kill each other playing the basic game combined with Traders & Barbarians (version)... so now it's on shelf with ”CAUTION !!!” label on it :D. Now i know how Robin Williams felt playing JUMANJI ! :D