Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 42 - a congratulations banner for finishing the 42 Days Challenge. *edit*

It was amost impossible to take a photo of that one.

Also, it's a drawing I'm unsatisfied with so I finally redrew it a week later. For documentary reasons, I left the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Investigative journalist: "J'ACCUSE! Stop the ceremony! This man is an imposter unworthy of the Cookies! He failed to meet the Challenge on Day 14 and 31!"
Me: "Dammit."

So. The truth has caught up with me at last. But nevertheless, I want to state again how much I enjoyed the Challenge. The things you posted were brilliant and clever and I realized I was quite exited each day to check the blog and see what you've been up to. Especially the last weeks I've felt quite annoyed for always having to post blurry snapshots - that's just out of necessity for improvisation, no disrespect or anything.
I think I will stick around and re-post proper scans of my cleaned last two weeks, until those of you who want to go on have finished, too. And I would certainly like to discuss a second round. But let's do that in a post of it's own.

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