Thursday, 12 March 2015

Day 24 - GUEST STAR!

So, today Kate Beaton had a book signing and I went there to be a little Hark A Vagrant fanboy. Don't even get me started on Hark A Vagrant. And because she turned out to be a very nice person, I asked her if she'd like to contribute a drawing for today's challenge. So. Check this. (Does anybody know if we can connect that drawing to her tumblr somehow?)

(Also she drew me a wicked Saint Francis, the coolest of all saints. He wouldn't have slain the dragon but made friends with it, possibly playing cards with it or riding around on its back throughout the lands to spread the gospel and defend the weak and poor. Yeah I'm looking at you St George. We have enogh monuments in honour of champions who killed monsters but are still desparetely lacking monuments for heroes of kindness who turned them into friends.)


  1. No waaaay maaaaan, this is sooooo coool! I've got a tumblr account and I was planning to post there my challenge doodles.
    (you obviously didn't see my St.George and his Balaur.)

    1. I do know your Balaur from earlier. Is there more?