Monday, 27 July 2015

The Folding Game!

Hello People!
So here is a list of the participants to our little game:

Ileana Surudcan
Anna Benczedi
Cris Ortiz
Lothar Witt
Christoph Witt (Untag) - (he came with the Let's do a Challenge idea!)

You will all get a mail with the contacts, so we can start the game and send the material.
But we don't know each other ( I only know Anna and Christoph) , so maybe we should tell something about ourselves (based on what you write, I'll change the doodles into nice drawings - use the comments or make a post if you want).

I'll start first - I am an adorable freelance artist from Romania, I make comics and illustrations, here's my blog:
-ka ching!  character unlocked.


  1. I'll go second.

    I am Christoph, aka Untag aka Untaggable (thanks for blowing my cover, Ileana, you have no idea how badly that compromises my agents in the field) aka Miguel Sanchez aka Nguyen van Falk.
    I am a student of literature from Berlin and like to scribble but have no blog or something since it's not my actual profession. When Ileana and me first joined forces we faked photos of the MOnster of Loch Ness to sell them to The Sun and The Guardian, which is why she drew me holding the model of the Monster's neck we used back then.


  2. I'm Anna, an illustrator based in Romania. I draw cutesy stuff for kids at work, comics in my spare time.
    Appearence: soft, spherical, covered in luscious purple fur, adorned with a fancy beak and fashionable green tail.

  3. Hi, i´m Lothar. I live im Munich, Germany. In my spare time i like to draw and paint. Usually i start my artwork with some scribbles on paper and then finish it on the computer with photoshop or illustrator or other applications. i made my latest efforts with screen printing ....