Monday, 20 July 2015



Second Round.

We've settled for a game which most of you probably will already know. Something a bit more interactive and pretty far away from the original challenge's idea:

Everybody who wants to join puts his or her name on a little list (or something else, we haven't really figured it out yet, for the sake of the explanation lets just go with it for now).
On the first day of the challenge everybody thinks of a little sentence and sends it to the person whose name is next on the list.
Accordingly, everybody will receive a sentence by someone else and is to draw it the next day. This is the challenge bit. You can do it any way you want, do a rubbish little doodle or go all Dürer, as long as its a recognisable interpretation of that sentence. When you're done (in a day), you pass your drawing on to the next person, again, and you'll get a drawing as well. In turn, on the third day, you are to write a sentence describing the drawing you got and pass that one on... n times (n equalling the number of players) until you get the drawing that originated from the sentence you initially wrote yourself.
Then, everybody puts everything on the blog and we'll have a laugh.

Let me dwell on one of the slight differences to last round. This time, the whole challenge is going to be a lot shorter (what with days equalling the numer of players) but it will affect everybody else if you drop out. So, better join only if you're willing to stick to it. You're free to simply pass on quickly scribbled-down stick figures if you dont have much time. If you want to quit anyway, tell the person who preceds you (that is the one who sends you sentences and drawings) about it so that he or she will skip you and pass on sentences/drawings to the person after you.

We'll start next sunday. Until then, well figure out how to do this technology-wise – a facebook group or maybe just fb messages or emails... for now, if you want to join the game, send an email to me or Ileana. Aaight?


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