Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 43 - what now?

Hello everybody,
GOOD NEWS! I sold the rights to all of the art we uploaded to blogger! Which is owned by google.

April Fool! Just a joke.

But seriously: I guess the task for Day 43 is: What now?

Some of you already mentioned a next round. I'd be up for that. I'd suggest we take a break for 3 weeks, so everybody can catch up, I myself want to scan and polish up the drawings I could only take photos of while I was on the road.... and during that time we can discuss if we want to do a next round, and come up with some ideas. My first ones, just on top of my head:

1. second round with same topics: I guess other people would like to join, and, as the school of hermeneutics teaches us, the second time will be a different experience. Most topics are open enough to go at them from a different angle.

2.same topics but different media – I'd like to write, for example.

3. same tpoics but in reversed order, starting with the congratulations banner and working backwards. I'm suggesting this mostly because I still feel like I want to do the challenge again and this time manage to really beat it.

4. new topics. I have more than enough. Or does someone else want to take over?

5. make it a 42 weeks challenge ( not sure what that means tho. every topic gets one week, so people can do 7 pics on the same task, or just one with more time?)

6. some collaborative or continuous thing (like a story where people take turns to write chapters). This might be fun but it's less flexible.

We can change any parameter. It doesn't have to be 42 days. Or daily.


  1. I'd prefer new topics :). We could find an online dictionary that provides "word of the day" - like so and draw something for every word (not just the meaning, but what it evoques, ar other bizzare assssosiacions :D)
    Also, I would prefer a shorter period of time - one week, two weeks, a month, but not longer...

  2. i would appreciate having a next round.
    A break is also okay ...let's keep it simple:
    Again 42 days, one task per day (i really like the idea oft having "a word of the day"). If it's okay to you, i'll keep posting only scribbles ... Best wishes!

  3. I also prefer a shorter period of time a, like 2 weeks maybe? And new topics : maybe everyone can come with a few topics? ... I don't know. And, yes,a break would be nice :D

  4. It will be nice a continuity of project.. I even have some friends who would like to join.
    Agree with girls, shorter period. It will allow to experiment more, and try more new formats.
    Also i think will be nice make something that will interact with every member personally, i mean something like, every new day a member must propose new topic.